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Seedless tamarind paste by Healthy Choice Foods. 400g

$ 2.99

This white granular product adds flavour to food. 750ml

$ 3.99

A premium quality mustard oil by Punjas.

Clarified Butter obtained from milk. Ghee is a valuable source of fat…

Made in Fiji canned chilli sauce. (400ml, 13.5oz)

$ 4.49

Rich and nutritious concentrated coconut cream.

$ 3.49

Holbrooks Worcestershire sauce is made using quality ingredients to an age old…

Black seed oil is extracted from N. sativa seeds and has been used in…

$ 11.99 + tax

Punjas Coconut Oil: Extracted from locally sourced copra and exported worldwide.

A premium lactose & casein free clarified butter or ghee from pasture-raised,…

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